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Monday, February 07, 2005

(Other) Distance

Her eyes dilate and she drifts off to somewhere
Not far down the road but far enough from here
As her mind wanders back, the clock ticks in reverse
Revealing her sickness as more than a curse
As a kid she would play on the swing in the park
Humming songs that at night would conquer the dark
As the grass grows around her and eventually dies
She just keeps on growing while reaching towards skies
Now she reaches towards bottles and touches the glass
Looking outside, she sees scenes from the past
And she can’t shut them out, they become so pronounced
As the present diminishes an ounce by an ounce
She plays with her dolls, one of her and her mother
The smaller one cries, wishing someone would love her
As the larger doll sits on the sofa ignoring
The tears of the other that just keep on pouring
And tear follows tear after tear after tear
And this scene keeps repeating just year after year
The hope for a love that would repair her heart
Fades softly and slowly out of mind into dark
Now past meets the present and embraces for more
She'd get out of this place if she could just find the door
But she's walled herself in, left no chance for escape
She could try to change now but feels it's too late
So she sits on the sofa and the clock keeps on turning
But it's blurred in her mind, now her stomach is churning
As cries in the background are quickly ignored
She puts out her hands and falls to the floor
And she'll wake in the morning without ever seeing
That in the next room is her history repeating
When her eyes are closed shut she can easily pretend
That she's far from the start, this is going to end
And that's where she spends all her nights and her days
In her fabricated reality there is no other way
So she cleans up her mess and gets in the shower
To clean herself up, it takes nearly an hour
She puts on her clothes and walks out the door
Just as she did in the morning before
And she's searching for truth, but inside she fears

It's far down the road but not far enough from here

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