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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The 3rd Annual Cale Awards!

Ok, so here's the thing. For the past two months I've been pestering everyone I know, trying to get them to vote for the 3rd Annual Cale Awards. But unfortunately, the only people who care about this exist only in my mind (i.e. no one cares but me). So, instead of having the reader results like I had originally planned, you are stuck with reading more about what I voted for. Way to drop the ball!

Best Live Act – You saw this artist live, and it blew you away!

Sufjan Stevens

Runner up: Of Montreal
Worst New Artist – The world would be a better place had they not decided to make music.


Runner up: Paris Hilton
Worst Song – You heard this song, and it made you cringe. The worst song of 2006!

“Turn It Up” by Paris Hilton, from the album “Paris”

Runner Up: “Rabbit Fur Coat” by Jenny Lewis, from the album “Rabbit Fur Coat”

Worst Album – Hands down, the worst album I heard this year!

Paris Hilton: “Paris

Runner up: John Mayer: “Continuum”


Best SongThis was, by far, your favorite song of 2006!

“Ballad of Humankindness” by The Dears, from the album “Gang of Losers”

Runner up: “Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken” by Camera Obscura, from the album ‘Let’s Get Out of this Country”
Most Overrated Artist You can’t believe all the positive hype regarding this artist. They’re not the worst, but there’s soooo much better out there.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Runner up: TV on the Radio
Most Overrated Album The reviews said it was great, but you disagree wholeheartedly!

TV on the Radio: “Return From Cookie Mountain

Runner up: Pearl Jam: “Pearl Jam”
Most Disappointing Album – Wow, this album was completely different than I expected…in a bad way!

The Mars Volta: “Amputechture”

Runner up: Jenny Lewis: “Rabbit Fur Coat”
Most Surprising Album – Wow, this album was complete different than I expected…in a good way!

Joanna Newsom: “Ys”

Runner up: My Brightest Diamond: “Bring Me the Workhorse”
Best Pop Album – It was fun, catchy, and instantly enjoyable….and it still is!

Zero 7: “The Garden”

Runner up: Mates of State: “Bring it Back”
Best Indie Album – This was the best album, not released on a major record label.

The Elected: “Sun, Sun, Sun”

Runner up: The Dears: “Gang of Losers”
Best Rock Album – Indie, Mainstream, or Metal, it doesn’t matter. This album rocked your balls off like no other album this year!

Cursive: “Happy Hollow”

Runner up: Muse: “Black Holes and Revelations”

Best Hip Hop Album – Hip hop may not be your thing, but you have to give it up for this album!

The Streets: “The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living”

Runner up: K-Os: “Atlantis: Hymns for Disco”


Best Band of 2006This band defined the year of 2006 in their music. Years from now, you will look back on 2006 and think of this one band.


Runner up: The Flaming Lips


Best Female PerformanceThis was, by far, the best album released by a female solo-artist.

My Brightest Diamond: “Bring Me the Workhorse”

Runner up: Joanna Newsom: “Ys”


Best Male Performance – This was, by far, the best album released by a male solo-artist.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy: “The Letting Go”

Runner up: The Streets: “The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living”


Best New Artist – They released their first full-length album this year, and were the best new artist around.

My Brightest Diamond

Runner up: Headlights


Best Album – Beyond all else, this album is your absolute favorite of 2006!

The Flaming Lips: “At War with the Mystics”

Runner up: Zero 7: “The Garden”


So that's it for 2006! Overall, I'd say it's been a fairly decent year in music. 2007 is shaping up to be a pretty big year too. The Shins and Of Montreal both have albums out in January, and maybe that ever-elusive Radiohead album will finally see the light of day. Who know? one thing is for sure though; no matter what music comes and goes, Audio Overflow will be there to review it. If only people were here to read it....*sigh*

If anyone wants to know what the few readers that voted voted for, bug me about it.



Anonymous said...

The John Mayer album was definitely not one of the worst albums of this year... of course the rest is stuff I hardly even heard of so I cant be a judge... but it seems pretty subjective to your opinion

Anonymous said...

Yeah John Mayer is a great blues guitarist

Cale said...

Well of course it's subjective. They're named after me!

But honestly, Room for Squares and Heavier Things (and even the trio album) are all great albums! Continuum has 2 or three decent songs on it, and it is definitely one of the worst albums I've heard this year. But then again, I try to stay away from most crap.

Anonymous said...

you listened to paris hilton's album... that's definitely crap... same for hinder and evanescense... I'd say you listen to some crap but perhaps it wasn't to your taste but regardless it didn't belong as #2 after "Paris"... that's harsh in my opinion :)

Cale said...

Well, I didn't listen to Evanescence. Paris Hilton was just so I could review it, and Hinder is just what i heard on radio and form other people's CD.

Honestly, from all the albums I heard this year, Continuum was one of the worst I heard in my opinion. This is all my opinion.