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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Run Dan Run Run Through NYC

Note: It's okay to be entirely confused by that title. There's far too many "runs" for anyone's good up there, but that's how these things work sometimes.

Say what you want about Audio Overflow ("man this writing is really amateur," "geez, this guy sounds alarmingly attractive"), but one thing is definitely true, I try to be good to the artists that I like; especially ones that have been featured on the blog. Last year, I reviewed Basic Mechanics, the debut album from Charleston, SC band Run Dan Run (7 out of 10, described as "impressive").

Well Run Dan Run has put together a new acoustic EP (that's really good, btw) and set out to take over New York City. The band will be playing 5 shows in the Big Apple beginning this Saturday, June 27th in support of their second release as a band. Here's the flyer:
You can preview a couple of tracks from the EP on the band's Myspace page. As an added bonus, the band will be giving out a free copy of 27 Coming St. (the EP) with every admission to the July 1st show.

If you're in the New York area, do yourself a favor and check out this up-and-coming band. Tell Dan that Cale from Audio Overflow sent you and you may get a little something extra (a high-five is all I can promise).

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