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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Today's Twitter Updates (1/5/10)

What's that?  You say you're not following @audiooverflow on Twitter?  Well here's what you missed today:

  1. Vampire Weekend News: Listen to Contra web

  2. New Album News - Of Montreal Progress Report on Strereogum web

  3. Polyvinyl Record Co. News - Headlights on Daytrotter web

  4. @warehouselive Sonya Westcott Evan Farrell, and Gram LeBron for Rogue Wave. Great band btw!from Twitterrific in reply to warehouselive

  5. See (Pretty) Girls and Lasers in the East Village tomorrow and get a free mp3 of their Refina Spektor mix. Tell em Cale sent you! :)from Twitterrific

  6. Free Download: Growing - "Hormones" Twitterrific

  7. Tour Dates - Vampire Weekend Announce Tour web

  8. Peaches News: NEW video for RELAX.. web

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