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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The More Things Change, the More They Continue to Change

Oh readers, where do I start?

Back in December of last year, I wrote about the state of Audio Overflow, and laid out pretty basic plans about what I wanted to accomplish in 2010.  To sum it up:  more reviews, more news, more features, and Twitter integration.  Can we all agree upon the severe disappointment that has since followed.

At that point, 2010 was looking like a pretty laid-back year in my work and personal life. Since early January, however, life has thrown an innumerable amount of curveballs at me, making my life much more hectic than anticipated at the time of that writing.  Despite my honest desire to write on a more frequent (hell, a weekly) basis, the times in which I can sit down in front of a computer for a few hours and crank out a review are becoming fewer and fewer each day.

What happened to that whole Indie Gold thing I was hyping back in February?  Well it's still in the back of my head, waiting to be written.  I've been listening to Arcade Fire specifically for that series for several months, but I just haven't found time to devote to it.

And while I have already written more reviews in 2010 than in all of 2009, there were plenty of albums that I wanted to get to but haven't had the chance (Vampire Weekend, Crystal Castles, LCD Soundsystem, Tallest Man on Earth, Band of Horses, etc.).  Maybe I can fart out a Mini-Review, but oftentimes once I start writing one of those, it turns into a full on review (see Ellie Goulding or The New Pornographers).  I will say with full confidence that writing fewer reviews has made me a better writer, with more time to devote to the work itself (The New Pornographers review is one of the best I've ever written, I think).

My point in this post is to reassure the readers that, yes, I do still care about Audio Overflow and intend to get things going soon. 

To all the artists who have sent me music over the last few months:  thank you.  I am listening to it, and if I believe in your art, I will write about it. 

This post took me 5 minutes to write.  Gotta go.

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Anonymous said...


I'm sorry for both you and your readers that your life is so busy right now. You should really consider quitting your job and living inside the back of a starbucks with a laptop where you can spend all your time reviewing music. Of course, without a job you would be forced to only listen to the music they play at starbucks so be sure to pick a starbucks that you know plays quality music. Jamie Cullum and Norah Jones reviews would not be well received, I don't think. Whatever you choose to do sir, good luck.