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Friday, April 27, 2007

Random Site Updates (Updated)

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by today. Please allow me to fill you in on the lates happenings around these parts.

First, Audio Overflow now has a Myspace page. If you have a Myspace page and would like to receive bulletins telling you when the site has been updated, then add us as a friend. We need friends.

UPDATE: Due to an irregular and unacceptable amount of spamming, the Audio Overflow Myspace page has been removed. Thank Tom.

Second, you'll notice above that Audio Overflow has added a few buttons to help you and help us. If you're a user of Google or Yahoo's Feed Reader services, you can now quickly add Audio Overflow to your feed and receive updates regularly. Also, if you're a Digg or Technorati user and you like what you see here, feel free to link to us or favorite us. We won't mind.

Lastly, Cale is the Balls! (the original name of this blog) is officially dead. If you were using the old to get here, you'll need to change your ways. Audio Overflow can now be accessed from either or Of course, if you were still using the caleistheballs address, you're probably not reading this because you can't find us. Let us then take this opportunity to inform you that we hate you...and we always have.

--Audio Overflow

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