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Friday, April 13, 2007

Top 5 Radiohead Songs

Radiohead is one of few bands that got their start in the early nineties and is still going strong. Their music continually defies expections and conventions, album after album. With all that going for them, it's pretty tough to take all their amazing work and work it down to their top 5 songs. But hey, I love crap like this. So let's see what we have.

#5: "Karma Police" from the album "OK Computer" - A beautiful song, and one of many on Radiohead's 1997 masterpiece. Like I said, Radiohead has so many awesome songs, but this one just stands out to me as one of the best. That chord progression is genius and put to good use by Thom Yorke.

#4: "The Bends" from the album "The Bends" - "Creep" made Radiohead famous in the United States, but "The Bends" was the first time we ever heard the band rock out to their fullest extent. In many ways, they have not equalled the intensity of this song since. Though few would complain about such menial things.

#3: "No Surprises" from the album "OK Computer" - It's no surprise (sorry, I had to) that this song made the list. "No Surprises" is the highlight of OK Computer's more toned-down second half, yet it's easily the best.

#2: "Everything In It's Right Place" from the album "Kid A" - You'd think that because "Kid A" is my favorite Radiohead album that I'd have more than one song on the list. However, it's pretty tough to compete with the amazing songs from "OK Computer." I still think that Kid A is a better, more solid album, but the great songs on OK Computer really outshine most of the tracks on Kid A. If I were to do a top 10 list it would be much more lop-sided the other way around. Trust me.

#1: "Paranoid Android" from the album "OK Computer" - Was there ever any doubt? Of course not. I've stated on numerous occasions that this is not only my favorite Radiohead song, but my favorite song...ever! So to put it at #1 is not a big surprise, but when you compare it to the other songs on this list you see that it has some stiff competition. It's one hell of a song! Listen to it.

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Maurício Di Fraia said...

what about "high and dry"?