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Monday, October 29, 2007

myspace band monday: Sebastian Orre

Hello people. Welcome to week two of our new failure feature, myspace band monday. This week's artist hails from Askersund, Sweden. His name is Sebastian Orre.

Sebastian Orre

Sebastian is yet another one of those crazy Swedes whose music is light, seemingly carefree, and almost always perfect. To compare him directly, I'd have to say he sounds a lot like Loney, Dear though not as immediately endearing. He's got four songs on his myspace profile and only 258 friends. Who wants to be number 259?

The first song on Sebastian's page is called "You Were Sometimes," and right from the gate you pretty much know what you're getting into. There is a lot of sweet instrumentation going on here, including guitars, xylophones, banjos, and what sounds like a flute (though I'm not sure it's a real flute). Sebastian's voice is a bit strange to me. It sounds more Scottish than Sweden and I keep thinking of James Graham's voice (of The Twilight Sad). His lyrics are strange too, seemingly written in broken English ("Garden dig holes, hide things below/ you always fell asleep before we did'). I can't really decide if it was intentional or not. Overall though, the song isn't bad to listen to. It's composition is almost dreamlike, and I really enjoyed it.

Next up is "You Should Ask the Fishes" (the full title isn't displayed on the site) a song that really showcases Sebastian's voice well. I really can't spot anything to complain about as it's very clear and charming. He introduces what sounds like a harmonium on the song, as well as some harmony which he does himself. It is much simpler than "You Were Sometimes" and it's my favorite on his myspace page. If you can, listen to this one first. It is a beautiful track!

"Thoughts About Time" has more plays than any other song on the page, which leads me to believe that it's been on the site the longest. It's a fairly decent song, and very simple, though I found the bells in the background after the verses to be very distracting. Again, his lyrics don't make a lot of sense to me ("Red days are the bad ones/ Sundays were okay once", but he sings them well and that's what matters most I suppose.

The last song on the page is "House of Magic," which is mostly an instrumental track. It begins with a simply piano arpeggio, but eventually adds layers and layers of more instrumentation. Towards the end, Sebastian begins singing "House of magic" over and over again with female vocals harmonizing above him. It's a pretty forgettable song, I must say. It might have been better without the singing, but as it stands, it's the worst song on his page.

Sebastian Orre is not the greatest artist I've ever had the pleasure of listening to, but he's far from the worst. His charming compositions and voice really make it worth listening to, and if you're into bands like Loney, Dear then you might want to check him out. He has an EP or two out, though no mention of how to actually get a copy of one. I suppose if you want a copy, you'll have to ask him yourself by sending him a message through myspace. For what it's worth, I think he's a pretty talented guy and he's definitely getting a friend request from me.

Sebastian Orre's myspace Page
Sebastian's Page on (with an additional song)

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