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Monday, September 14, 2009

29 in 2009 - R.E.M.: "Murmur"

R.E.M.: Murmur
Originally Released: April 2, 1983
Genres: Alternative Rock
Rating: 7 out of 10

One Word and One Sentence

1. "Radio Free Europe" - Overrated. This is a good song, but it has been hailed as this great game-changer in rock music which unfortunately leaves me with unrealized expectations.

2. "Pilgrimage" - Lacking. It's got boring verses and a semi-weak hook, which I've always sort of associated with R.E.M. anyway.

3. "Laughing" - Good. I like the guitars and the slight harmonies enough to call this song a classic in and of itself.

4. "Talk About the Passion" - Influential. This song just sounds like it could've been a Nirvana song 10 years later, only it would've had to be severely dumbed down for that to happen.

5. "Moral Kiosk" - Meh. The song's got a really cool groove, but its wasted by Michael Stipe's lyrical and melodic nonsense.

6. "Perfect Circle" - Lame. The obligatory ballad makes an appearance.

7. "Catapult" - Perfect. The only song on this album that I've actually been compelled to listen to over and over again.

8. "Sitting Still" - Worthy. The groove of "Moral Kiosk" with the catchiness of "Catapult"...yes, please.

9. "9-9" - Disappointing. Guitars this cool shouldn't have to deal with Stipe.

10. "Shaking Through" - Late. I feel like I would've loved the heck out of this song in 1995, but nowadays it's just not doing a thing for me.

11. "We Walk" - Simple. Proof that basic riffs and a classic sound don't always equal a poor, outdated song.

12. "West of the Fields" - Worst. Hook...ever.

Verdict: Almost Classic

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