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Friday, June 01, 2007

Album of the Month: May 2007

Bjork: "Volta"

After waiting 3 years for a sequel to "Medulla," Bjork finally graced us with another album. Though it could be viewed as a letdown when you consider the album it was forced to follow, "Volta" is still a magnificent work of art. Bjork's melodies are harder to follow this time around, but she seems more passionate than ever, even resorting to screaming on "Declare Independence." There are a few songs that could be skipped over, and probably will be down the line, but they are all brilliant and worth a listen. "Earth Intruders" is probably the closest Bjork will come to a "club banger" while "Dull Flame of Desire" is a truly flawless duet. Whatever your specific tastes are, if you're a fan of Bjork you'll find something to love here. It is for this reason that "Volta" is the album of the month. That and the fact that every other album released in May kinda sucked. What are ya' gonna do?

Runner-Up: Sleepytime Gorilla Musem: "In Glorious Times"

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