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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Top 5 Bands I'm Just Not That Into

Oh, so you're an indie music blogger huh? Well, here's a list of bands that you must like in order to hold any credibility. These bands are prerequisites! That's what they say, at least. And though I'm not entirely sure who "they" are, they are definitely aggravating. Here's a short list of bands that I "should like" but just don't.

#5: TV on the Radio - The more and more I hear about these guys, the angrier I get. Despite all my attempts and all the will I can muster, I just can't bring myself to actually find a redeeming quality in these guys. I read an interview with some big Hollywood type the other day, though I can't remember who. But I distinctly remember him saying that this was one of his favorite bands. What? Really? I think the fact that some big Hollywood actor likes them should immediately disqualify them as a band I should like. That's like saying I should like Dogstar. I don't. Save the World? No thank you.

#4: Wilco - I'm a fan of a few Wilco songs. But not most. It's a shame really, as I desperately want to like "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" but just can't figure out what all the hype is about. At least Wilco is talented. That's more than I can say for other bands on the list.

#3: Yo La Tengo - Admittedly, the only YLT album I've had the displeasure of hearing was last year's "I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass," but for such a critically acclaimed album, it was pretty worthless. Now I understand that I have about 20 years of back catalog to catch up on, but nothing I've heard encourages me to do so. So I have to think that any efforts by me to do so will be in vain. For now, I'll just leave them alone.

#2: Pre-1999 The Flaming Lips - It's apparent from their last 3 albums that Wayne Coyne can actually carry a tune, but anything that was made before 1999 only encourages me to stab my ears with a paper clip whose integrity has been compromised. Now, this is coming from a guy who's never heard "Zaireeka," but I've heard the rest. That's enough for me to make a judgment on it. Hell, just looking at a picture of Ryan Adams is enough for me to make a judgment on him, so this one should at least carry a little bit of weight.

#1: Sonic Youth - Sad but true, the one band every indie wannabe needs to enjoy to graduate into an all-out hipster is not one of my favorites. Don't get me wrong "Daydream Nation" has it's definite moments, and I'm sure it was great back when I was in elementary school. But because I was really into Joe Diffie and Carman during those years, I never got to experience it in all its glory. Nowadays, it just isn't doing it for me. If anyone has a problem with it, please write and say so. I need new comments for the "Reader Feedback" section.

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