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Friday, September 28, 2007

Top 10 Indie Songs Under 2 Minutes: Songs 10-6

In today's fast-paced world, it's hard to devote a lot of time to good music. Sometimes I turn on my iPod but only have about 2 minutes to listen to music before I'm off to do some meaningless task or job. Sure, that may be an entire fabrication for the sake of this list, but it could happen. It's in times like this where you need a short burst of music to make you feel good, to lift your spirits, or to calm you down. That's where I come in. This week I'll kick off my Top 10 Indie Songs Under 2 Minutes list with songs 10-6. Tune in next Friday for the Top 5. Enjoy!

#10: The Boy Least Likely To - "Warm Panda Cola" - Let's say you're so busy that you can't even spare one whole minute to listen to great music. In this case, I recommend quitting your job or putting your children up for adoption. However, in case those two things don't appeal to you, you can always listen to "Warm Panda Cola" by The Boy Least Likely To. It clocks in at just under 1 minute but still manages to pack in guitars, sugary-sweet vocals, and even a harmonica! Hearing the boys sing "Warm panda cola butter melting in the sun..." has to make you smile. It's entirely whimsical and heartwarming, and sometimes that's all you really need.

#9: Of Montreal - "Go Call You Mine" - Whereas "Warm Panda Cola" only features a handful of instruments, "Go Call You Mine" from Of Montreal's 2001 album Coquelicot Asleep In the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse features, oh, every single instrument imaginable! Well, maybe not really, but there are at least a dozen. The song features a minute-thirty long introduction with a different instrument coming in every measure. By the time Kevin Barnes sings, you will have heard so many instruments that your head might explode. Literally. No, seriously. As for the lyrics, they're incredibly endearing ("Something compels me to say, 'How often are you this way?' If you're this charming all the time I'll be forced to tell you 'Darling, here's a dime, go call you mine.'" That's it. Short and sweet.) A lot of Of Montreal fans have yet to go back and hear this song or this album. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It is brilliant!

#8: Field Music - "Kingston" - With all the upbeat pop greatness going down on Field Music's 2007 album, Tones of Town, you may have overlooked a great song like "Kingston." It is not as instantly appealing as the rest of the album's tracks, but it is awesome in and of itself. The song's lush instrumentation and smooth vocals are exceptionally well executed, and the melody itself is captivating. It's brevity is part of it's strength too. Blowing in and away like a cool breeze, it leaves you wanting to experience it again and again. Maybe not the first time you hear it, but definitely later on.

#7: Tegan and Sara - "Hop a Plane" - A lot of people may not have liked this song. Truth be told, it's 2001-esque pop-punk execution might have turned a lot of people off. Personally, I found it to be my favorite track from The Con simply due to it's resemblance to Tegan and Sara's breakout album So Jealous. The song is quick and to the point, but features a wonderful vocal performance from the Quin sisters as well as some jam up drumming and bass guitaring. The guitar may be a bit too reminiscent of crappy punk music, but overall, the song works. So well, in fact, that it made it to #7 on some random list on some crappy blog. How cool is that?

#6: The Unicorns - "The Clap" - Quick! Name the #1 most heartbreaking band break up of the last decade (oh list idea)! If you named any other band besides The Unicorns, you're wrong. The band may have only been around for one album, but they left a notable mark on the lo-fi indie rock scene; one that won't be covered easily. "The Clap" is arguably the most rockin' song on the entire album too, with intense guitars and vocals that are all over the place. If you're feeling that mid-afternoon slump and you need a pick-me-up, put on this song and you'll be air-guitaring in no time! And who doesn't love air guitaring? Lucifer, the dark lord. That's who!

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