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Monday, November 19, 2007

myspace music monday: The Beams

It's Monday, and that means it's time for another installment of myspace music monday. Each week I'll present to you a different unsigned or indie artist's myspace page in the hopes that you'll enjoy what they have to offer. This week's myspace artist is a band from Cape Town, South Africa. Ladies and gentlemen, I present The Beams.

The Beams

The Beams hail from Cape Town, South Africa, rocking a sound that is seemingly familiar yet fresh. Influenced heavily by 1980s British rock, the band does their best to recreate the magic and intensity of the music period, and even achieve this a few times. If I were to make a comparison to a more notable band, The Colour is the first one that comes to mind, but The Smiths or Joy Division are not far behind. If you've ever found yourself listening to and enjoying any of these artists, keep reading. The Beams may be just the new band you've been looking for.


The first song on the site is as mellow as the band gets (here at least). Paul Maree's lead vocals are, as the page states , "somewhere between Robert Smith and David Byrne." They're not nearly as strong, but they're in the general area. The music is pretty straightforward upbeat rock, and nothing about it is too incredibly whoah-inducing. But it's all very tight, and the band really seems to have their stuff together. Despite the averageness of the song, it still manages to be somewhat enjoyable. Perhaps it's just my own love of the genre, but it's hard to listen to the song and feel like it wasn't worth my time. My only real complaint is that the lyrics are somewhat unspectacular, or even easy, and each line of the verse is followed by a soft, but distracting "yeah." It's completely unnecessary and borderline annoying.

Next up is "Your Majesty," a song that picks the tempo up. Paul's vocals are all over the place here, and I can't say that they work well at all. It sounds as if he's trying to let loose and just have fun with it, but he's doing so at the expense of the song. The song is also lacking a strong hook, which is completely inexcusable for a pop song. Paul singing, "I could've been, I could've been, you know I could've been with you," isn't really doing it at all. But the song isn't entirely lacking. Every second of the song is filled with fun, cool guitar riffs (courtesy of guitarist Boško Popovac), and there is even an awesome synth line that runs throughout most of the song. It really makes it worth listening to.

The last song on the page (yes, there are only 3) is called "Two Degrees," and it is unquestionably the best. Paul's vocals are as great, letting loose as he did in "Your Majesty," but they fit with the song this time. He also adds in some falsetto during the verses, and I'm not complaining. The guitars on the song are just as, if not more, amazing. Boško's infectious composition is an absolute joy to listen to. The lyrics are a bit simplistic again, but the song is so enjoyable that you'll have a hard time caring. When Paul is shouting, "I need something to pick me up, now put me down!" during the chorus, you'll be too busy dancing to even worry about the lyrics. My only complaint about the song is that the last chorus feels tacked on. It's the most fun part of the song, but it just seems unnecessary. Overall though, "Two Degrees" is a fun track, and the reason I decided to write about the band today. Maybe you should listen to this one first.
The band has talent. Anyone who listens to their songs can tell you that. A lot of the songs on the site don't represent that fact as well as they could, but it doesn't change the fact itself. If anything, The Beams show a significant amount of promise that will hopefully be realized as they continue to grow as musicians and as a band. Their sound is unbelievably marketable and fun to listen to, so there's hope that we'll be hearing an improved version of the band in the future. Before that happens though, they'll need to work on their songwriting skills in addition to making their hooks even more infectious than they already are. That's my opinion at least. If you like what you hear, the band recently (like 2 or 3 days ago) released an EP. You'll have to ask them where to find it though, because I don't see it for sale anywhere online. It's probably one of those things you can only get live...darn.

The Beams' myspace Page
Download "Two Degrees"
Video Interview w/ Bass Player Amrik Cooper

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