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Friday, November 23, 2007

Top 5 Albums Under $10 on

It's Black Friday, folks! That means one of two things: 1.) you're an idiot and you're probably standing in long lines freezing your extremities off, or 2.) you're a rational human being and you decided to be more productive with your time (that includes sleeping in). Me? I'm at work. And if I'm at work on a Friday, that can only mean that it's time for another Top 5 Friday! Staying with the spirit of Black Friday, today's list is the Top 5 Albums Under $10 on If you have a hipster on your holiday shopping list, you may want to perk up for a few minutes. These are some albums that I highly recommend!

#5: The Pipettes: We Are the Pipettes ($9.98) - If the hipster on your list is a 16-year old girl, or a horny 14-year old boy, you can't go wrong with The Pipettes. Of course, they could also just be a fan of Motown and classic pop music. Whatever profile your hipster fits, The Pipettes are sure to please. These 3 British beauties will sing their way into that part of your mind where songs go to become annoyingly catchy. You know, the place where you can't get them out of your head even if you try. It's kind of a good thing, unless you're trying to fall asleep. Then you want nothing more than to take the CD and stick it in the microwave...which is also cool!

#4: The New Pornographers: Challengers ($9.97) - In terms of musicianship, lyricism, and overall likability; no one outdoes The New Pornographers. Their newest album, Challengers, may not be as immediately enthralling as their previous albums, but it is just as amazing! Neko Case and A.C. Newman will pull at your heartstrings with their back-and-forth vocals while Dan Bejar provides more WTF-inducing moments than any other artist in recent memory. The rest of the band ain't too shabby either. While the drumming (or music in general) isn't near as forceful as it was on Twin Cinema, each member of this band plays their part to perfection. The end result is a fantastic assortment of indie rock and power pop that anybody will enjoy!

#3: Of Montreal: Satanic Panic in the Attic ($9.97) - I'm well aware of the fact that most Of Montreal "fans" have yet to listen to any of the band's pre-Sunlandic Twins albums. Idiots! Satanic Panic in the Attic is not only the best album in Of Montreal's expansive catalog (arguably), but it's one of the best indie pop/rock records of the last decade! The band only flirts with electronics here, as opposed to the hot and heavy make-out sessions found on their previous two albums. "Disconnect the Dots" is a clear segue to their new sound, but the rest of the album is a masterpiece of indie rock. Songs range from bizarre sing-alongs ("Rapture Rapes the Muses") to guitar-heavy retro rockers ("Vegan in Furs"). The bottom line is, buy it!

#2: LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silver ($7.99) - It's nominated for a few Cale Awards for a reason folks. And while it may be a bit behind the competition at this point, LCD Soundsystem's second album was one of 2007's biggest and best surprises. James Murphy not only refined his sound, but he improved upon it, giving us all something that we can dance to without feeling like a mindless clubber. It's smart, witty, sometimes insightful, but always enjoyable, and something that anybody with a penchant for dancing will enjoy! Plus, it's only $8.

#1: Band of Horses: Cease to Begin ($8.99) - One of 2007's best indie rock albums is also one of the cheapest! People may have given it a hard time for sounding exactly like their last album, but I've never heard that one, so I'm still loving the hell out of Cease to Begin. The great thing about this one is that anyone can enjoy it. It's been out for over a month, and I have yet to talk to someone who outright hates it. Even my dad likes it! Usually he's morally opposed to anything that doesn't have the name "Jesus" in the title. Not so with Band of Horses. If you've got someone on your list that listens to real music (not Britney Spears or Nickelback), you can't go wrong with this one. Guaranteed!

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