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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Top 5 Alternative Rock Albums (Albums 10-6)

We've made it to the Top 10! In case you're just joining us, here are some links to get you caught up.

Albums 25-21
Albums 20-16
Albums 15-11

#10 - Radiohead: Kid A (2000)
Cale says: "Kid A was probably the first big release of the internet age in music. As such, it's often remembered as one of the first albums that absolutely everybody downloaded - song by song, from Napster. Good times! Personally, I remember the album for other reasons: dark, late night road trips, relaxing in bed, making a fool out of myself at some random stoplight in front of perplexed onlookers. Kid A is a brilliant album, and my personal favorite by Radiohead. It definitely deserves a spot on this list!

#9 - Stone Temple Pilots: Purple (1994)
Erin says: "Purple was one of the first alternative albums that I bought, but definitely one of the best. They had several hits from this album and it's well deserving of its place in the top 25. My only complaint is that their following albums were not as awesome. "

Cale says: "There are a couple of really great songs on this one that just define alternative rock better than any other could. "Vaseline" and "Interstate Love Song" are obvious favorites that have never gotten old at all.

#8 - Beck: Odelay (1996)
Jill says: "I love it because it's different yet average and doesn't get to the spectacular point until the end when you're treated with "High 5 (Rock the Catskills)" and "Ramshackle.""

Erin says: " Beck, what can I say? You're Where It's At...the New Pollution...with a Devil's Haircut in my mind. OMG that's not only the cheesiest thing I've ever said, but also the most incoherent statement I've ever made. Somehow it seems appropriate. I love Beck and Odelay is fantastic! ...and did I mention...Beck's a musical and lyrical genius?"

#7 - Cake: Fashion Nugget (1996)
Erin says: "Who ever though that speaking most of your words to a background of music could be so popular? Well, Cake did, and their fans agreed. Fashion Nugget is not only one of the most fun albums to "speak" along with, but it's also super entertaining and a really great contribution to the entertainment industry."

Jill says: "I don't know what's better: "Stick Shifts and Safety Belts" with its lyrics that make me think of cars in a whole new way or "I Will Survive", a version of a classic anthem I like better than the original."

#6 - Fiona Apple: Tidal (1996)
Jill says: "Tidal is my essential break-up album. It has been since the first time I heard it. Soulful, sexy, angry, deep. It's good for the girl anger."

Erin says: "This chick can sing. True the music on this album is not as "trendy" as some of her other music, but it's all really real, well thought out, and well performed. She not only has an amazing voice, but her lyrics are to her music like syrup is to waffles. One without the other would seem a little strange, but both together leave you wanting more!"

The top 5 will be announced next Saturday. See you then!


Anonymous said...

and what does Cale think about Fiona Apple?

Cale said...

Totally dig "Criminal" and whatever her first single was...but beyond that I'm not all familiar with the album. Fortunately, our voting process allowed for two people to totally dig it, while the other one withheld opinion.

But I am a huge fan of "Extraordinary Machine," which is nowhere near alternative rock.

Erin said...

Sleep to Dream