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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Perfect Summer Soundtrack - Week 3

Week 3 of our summer-long feature finds us revisiting an old friend.  Just another album that was meant to be listened to in the summer.

Of Montreal: The Sunlandic Twins

Recommended Activities:  Road Trip Sing-a-longs, House Parties, Frisbee Tossing

So Of Montreal is probably my favorite band.  I say probably only because I really don't keep track of those sorts of things (odd considering my unwavering affinity for lists), but when browsing through my collection of "Best of" playlists on my Zune, I notice that my Of Montreal list dwarfs the rest of them.  

The Sunlandic Twins is undoubtedly the band's breakout record, launching them from relative no ones to a roundabout household name (who hasn't heard the Outback Steakhouse jingle?).  It's filled with happy, bouncy, and  - as the name would suggest - sunny pop tunes that get stuck in your head and never let go.  "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games" is the undeniable favorite of every quasi-fan out there, but there's so much more to hear on this great album!

If summer is all about having fun, then The Sunlandic Twins is a match made in heaven!  Pop it in and prepare for 41 minutes of greatness.  Have that repeat button ready.  You'll want to listen to this one over and over again.

Key Tracks:
1. "Requiem for O.M.M.2"
2. "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games"
3. "So Begins Our Alabee"
4. "The Party's Crashing Us"
5. "Death of a Shade of Hue"

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