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Monday, June 30, 2008

Perfect Summer Soundtrack - Week 4

Well, I'm back from vacation and things are getting back to normal around here. That means that it's time for another post for our Perfect Summer Soundtrack series. This week's post is monsterous!

The 4th of July Party Playlist
America celebrates its independence this Friday, and there will be plenty of festivities to celebrate this occasion. Personally, I'll probably be laying low. But for those of you out there who are throwing - or attending - a bitchin' house party, I've assembled my largest playlist to date!

88 songs. That's how long this one is. How that translates into minutes, I have no idea. Though considering how imeem is prone to shorten some songs down to 30-second clips, I'd have to imagine that it would be a bit shorter than some would like. Like any good party mix, it's filled with upbeat songs (though nothing too overwhelming), conversation-starters (oh, who is this?), and even a few quiet songs that stay out of the way to let you actually have that conversation.

If you happen to be throwing a party this Friday with a bunch of hipsters, plug this one into the stereo system and let me know how it goes. I'm interested in finding out just how amazing this playlist is. Oh, and set it to "shuffle."
Week 1 - Rooney's Self-Titled Debut (Beach Trip, Road Trip, Skateboarding)
Week 2 - The Picnic Playlist
Week 3 - Of Montreal: The Sunlandic Twins (Road Trip Sing-a-longs, House Parties, Frisbee Tossing)


Why did that go so long? said...

I tried to play this at a pre 4th party and everyone left before it was over.

Cale said...

Way better than hearing the same song 3 or 4 times, right?

Plus, there's no way you're serious.