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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Discovering The Known! Way To Go!

Picture it... you're hanging out with a group of people. Suddenly a song comes on the radio. You've never heard it and most of your friends have never heard it... save one. That friend then begins to tell you, in no humble manner, that that band/musicians is the best and his most favorite. It's his favorite and it's so unique, it's never been played on the radio before. In fact, he discovered it... if it wasn't for your high and mighty friend, nobody's ears but his own would have befallen this song. He takes much pride in knowing that he alone liked the band when every one else either wouldn't give them a chance or passed them along for a band/musician with more money, talent, etc... This guy is what I like to refer as "superior annoying guy". He likes to think he's god's gift to anything musical. In most cases, he listens to indie music, but occasionally, he'll "discover" a really good band that no one's ever heard of. Superior annoying guy can be found in almost every group of friends... except the group with multiple superior annoying guys... then he just blends in.

Well, some people thankfully grow out of that stage, including yours truly. Yes, I have been in superior annoying guy's shoes, but when I look back, I feel that I can use the excuse that I was young, dumb, naive, immature and out of touch. Most of what I'd "discovered" had been discovered years before I ever came across the song in an unpopular movie that only 10.5 people had ever seen. Looking back now, I'm embarrassed that I ever met my inner superior annoying guy. The music I liked was sometimes unique and sometimes original, but never a discovery. I really feel like the only time you're discovering a musician is if he's a bum under a bridge, you happen to strike up a conversation, he happens to have an instrument in his stash which he begins to play as the earth shattering beauty not only spills over from how well he plays, but also how the angels accompany his majestic voice. You can see how my "discoveries", and probably many of yours pale in comparison. Did Simon Cowell really discover Leona Lewis... or did he simply hear her sing amongst a crowd in a well known club one night where he was the only one who had actual bargaining power to sign her. Now, I'm not saying she's without talent. She in fact has a beautiful voice, but discovery? I think not. More like right place, right time.

Below is a list of musicians and songs which I have personally discovered. They just happened to be so good that eventually people caught on to them and they ended up on the radio... No one else is responsible for the success of these musicians, how popular they are, or how they've been or will be remembered... only me. (wink wink)

Disclaimer: These are from different periods in my life, including pre-teen. Criticize accordingly...

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