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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Perfect Summer Soundtrack - Week 6

Week six of this crazy endeavor is upon us, people. This week, I've featured an album that is the perfect accompaniment one of the best summer pastimes, the road trip.

The Elected: Sun, Sun Sun

Recommended Activities: Road Trip

Certainly there are albums out there that are better suited as "road trip albums." But The Elected seemed to have had that goal in mind when creating this 2006 album (my #3 of that year, I believe).

The album's first track is titled, "Clouds Parting (8:13am)" and its closer is "At Home (Time Unknown)." The 12 tracks that lie in between are all relatively calming pop/country songs that are perfectly accompanied by the equally calming (or boring, depending on your point of view) landscapes of middle-America. In other words, it is perfect, and perhaps best-suited as a road trip album.

But more than anything, Sun, Sun, Sun, is an album about self-discovery, or even a self-awakening. What begins as a meek, somber album eventually builds into something altogether triumphant and reassuring. In many ways, a road trip can also be about self-discovery, or at the very least a discovery of your country, your history. Personally, there's nothing I'd rather listen to on such a journey than this album.

Key Tracks:
1. "Would You Come With Me?"
2. "Fireflies in a Steel Mill"
3. "Sun, Sun, Sun"
4. "The bank and Trust"
5. "Biggest Star"

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1 comment:

Megan P.I. said...

I was just about to blog about this album myself. For me it is actually more like Fall and Winter, but that's because it makes me feel so warm, safe and comfortable.
I can't even describe how fantastic this album has made me feel lately.