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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Best and Worst of Audio Overflow: A Birthday Overview

So to close out this very special day in the life of Audio Overflow, I'd like to take a look back at all the reviews that I've ever written and, as I do best, list the 5 best reviews and 5 worst reviews. After all, there's no point in being critical at everyone else if you can't lay the hammer down on yourself every now and then. Right? Of course!

Top 5 Reviews

#5. The Decemberists: "The Crane Wife"
#4. The Shins: "Wincing the Night Away"
#3. My Brightest Diamond: "Bring Me the Workhorse"
#2. Loney, Dear: "Loney, Noir"
#1. Cursive: "Happy Hollow"

Bottom 5 Reviews

#5. !!!: "Myth Takes"
#4. James Figurine: "Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake"
#3. Zero 7: "The Garden"
#2. Grandaddy: "Just Like the Fambly Cat"
#1. Dresden Dolls: "Yes Virginia"

I find it funny (though not all surprising) that my worst review was also my first. at the time I can remember being really proud of it. But all the personal shout outs and lack of anything that would prove my writing talents just makes it a complete mess. If you want to revisit the best and worst of Audio Overflow, those reviews are a good place to start. Thanks again for a great year!


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