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Friday, March 30, 2007

Top 5 Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane Songs.

Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane is the internet's most illustrious musical comedy act, and has been so since 2002. In the 4 1/2 years since then, Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane has recorded and released close to 250 songs. Accordingly, the quality of most of these songs remains pretty substandard. Still, there are several diamonds in the artist's discography. The list that follows is a list of my 5 favorite Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane Songs.

5. "Staple Puller" from the album "Comfort Organs" - Originally released in 2004 on the infamous "Do the Charleston!," "Staple Puller" became a fan-favorite almost immediately. Fans often noted it's undeniable charm and unparalleled concept as the reason for their admiration. A re-release on last year's "Comfort Organs" proved that the song was no chance brush with greatness, as the artist completely reworked the song from the ground up. In the process, he completely outdid himself.

4. "The Parks" from the album "These Few" - "These Few" is both adored and despised by fans at the same time. It was once noted as Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane's farewell album (he eventually released 3 more) and contained some of the best and worst Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane songs. Without a doubt, one of the strongest songs on that album was "The Parks," the best in a long line of songs about fat chicks. From start to finish, the song was a throw back to the old Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane sound, while giving listeners a preview of the more musical artist that would later emerge.

3. "Nathan and Agnes vs. Special Examiner Victor L. Dodge" from the album "Brand New Sensation" - Though it is often criticized for being a song about nothing, few could deny the sheer insanity of "Nathan and Agnes," the lead-off track to 2006's "Brand New Sensation." Featuring a vocal performance that is unparalleled, the song is still the best song to mention Bob Hoskins...ever! Now what's not to love about that?

2. "Snatchberry Cocklepuffs" from the album "These Few" - Like "Staple Puller," this fantastic song from Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane's 2004 album was too good for one go around, and was rereleased on "These Few" in 2005. Featuring guest performances from Squeezy and The Olsen Twins, "Snatchberry Cocklepuffs" quickly became a reason to fall in love with Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane all over again. It remains one of his stronger tracks, to this day.

1. "Peanut Butter (and Jelly)" from the album "The Collapse of the Empire" - Could there really be another choice for #1. Technically, it's not a song. But this classic skit by Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane remains, not only his best skit, but his best track. Slowly but surely the tension around the characters in the skit builds. When the payoff finally comes around towards the end of the song, you can't help but laugh out loud! Demented, violent, and hilarious, "Peanut Butter (and Jelly)" will forever be Butt Nugget and the Silent Cane's greatest accomplishment.

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