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Friday, July 27, 2007

Top 5 Movie Soundtracks (That I Can Think of at the Moment)

A movie soundtrack can effectively make or break a movie. Even the most poignant and touching of movies can be shot to hell by a Britney Spears ballad over an Elton John one. I mean, all the great movies have great soundtracks, right? With that in mind, I thought I'd offer up a short list of the Top 5 movie soundtracks that I can think of at the moment (which is 8:18 am).

#5: Vanilla Sky - I would say that one of my biggest flaws as a movie-lover is that I'm pretty much infatuated with Cameron Crowe movies. Technically speaking, his writing is a bit on the cheesy side and his stories are mostly predictable. That doesn't really stop the man from being a genius at putting together a totally awesome soundtrack for each movie that he does. "Vanilla Sky" is no different. This soundtrack is packed with amazing artists like Sigur Ros, Radiohead, and the Beach Boys (not to mention Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan). Crowe's knowledge of all things music is one of his greater strengths as a director. It's a talent that comes through in every film he does.

#4: Kill Bill Vol. 1 - Kill Bill Volume 1 would not have been near as cool if it weren't for the excellent sountrack that it contained. In addition to a classic song by Nancy Sinatra and now classic songs by The 5, 6, 7, 8s, the film contained some of the best original music of any movie in recent history. It was all done by The RZA of Wu Tang Clan fame, so you know it's good. Sure, movies like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings all have their 200-piece orchestral original music, but none of that stuff even compares to the coolness that seeps out of every second of this great film. Word.

#3: Forest Gump - This is the only great movie whose greatness is only rivaled by its soundtrack. Every song on this brilliant collection of pop and rock hits from the 60s and 70s is a perfect match to this quirky and unforgettable film. At two CDs and 35 songs, the soundtrack is a beast to tackle. Take it on a road trip with you and you won't be disappointed. It's great!

#2: Elizabethtown - Again, I'm madly in love with Cameron Crowe's movies; even this movie that everyone loved to hate. While the movie itself is big on cheese and little on substance (allegedly), the soundtrack is just packed with some of the best music ever made. Cameron Crowe's could've picked any song to go into Orland Bloom's "breakdown" scene, but he chose "My Father's Gun" by Elton John. Not only did it work, but it was perfect! I can't imagine any other song being there, and no other song could come close to accompany the movie's turning point. The whole soundtrack is perfect, as is usually the case with Crowe. This one just happens to be his best.

#1: Garden State - Was there ever a doubt in your mind as to what would make #1? There shouldn't have been. Zach Braff is a genius. Not only did he have the soundtrack planned out before the movie was even made, but he actually sent out little CD-Rs to everyone who read the script, so they'd have music to accompany their read. So while all the Hollywood suits are reading this charming script, they're listening to The Shins, Zero 7, Iron and Wine, and Frou Frou. No wonder this movie got made, and no wonder it was so perfect! Dozens of movies have tried to mimic the success of this soundtrack to no avail! You can shove all the hipsters' favorites on to a CD and call it a soundtrack, but it will never be the same. This one was created with care, and it shows! I won't say it will change your life...but it comes pretty damn close!

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