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Monday, May 05, 2008

myspace music monday: NanKama Music Project

Several months ago (like, October), I was sent an email by a fellow named Gerard asking me to play his music on my radio show. Well, I don't have a radio show, but I listened to his music and told him what I thought of it and we sent a few more emails back and forth before I totally forgot all about him. Well when I was looking around for myspace music today, I happened to remember this correspondence and decided to feature the guy's music on today's myspace music monday. I'm such a nice guy!

NanKama Music Project

Genres: Experimental/Electro/Afro-beat
Location: France
Members: Gerard
Sounds Like: Nothing else!

The Short of It: Electronic music that is trippy, soothing, and sometimes downright strange!

"What's the Rush v2" - This song should give you a good idea of what his music is all about. There is a lot of strange ambient noise going on, but at the same time it all seems to fit in rather well. There's a catchy bass line that runs the length of the song that is only interrupted by the song's constant drop-outs (its only real downfall). I also really dig the flutes that come in as well.

"Interlude 1 Kitties" - Honestly, one of the weirdest things I've ever heard, but really really cool. The guy uses at least a dozen samples of cats making noises and pairs it with an extremely bouncy beat. Not much else, only a few seconds.

"And We're Off" - The most uptempo song I've yet to here from Gerard. The bass line is once again persistent, but the sounds of fast, crescendoing hand claps are the only thing you're likely to notice. I really can't see anybody dancing to this anytime soon, but if they ever remade "Run, Lola, Run," this would probably fit on the soundtrack pretty well.

"I Have Never Wanted" - Gerard actually sent me an unfinished version of this song back in November, and I'm pretty stoked to here it again, here. Back then the song was called "Dun Du Son" and had this annoying cymbal line that just wouldn't quit. My exact words: "The only thing I would change would be the cymbals. They don't seem to blend in very well. Everything sounds kinda tribal, and they just sound like a bad cymbal sample that shouldn't be there. Other than that, don't change a thing." It seems like he took my advice, and the end result is nothing short of fantastic! Best song on the page, by far.

"Interlude 2 Belles" - Another short interlude, but he uses various types of bells this time rather than cats. Fair trade, I suppose.

"The Yodeler" - This song needs to be on the next iteration of Lumines! It's a tremendously enchanting track that uses different types of tribal and foreign sounds to add to its distant feel. There are some drum parts towards the end that sound a bit louder than they should, but overall, it's a pretty solid track.


The Long of It: I'm impressed for two reasons: 1.) I know from speaking with Gerard that he uses FL Studio to make a lot of his music on. I have about 6 years of experience working with that program and I can still make nothing close to this. 2.) If you could've heard the stuff he sent me 8 months ago (technically you can, as I still have the MP3s and can upload them...but won't), you'd know the amount of improvement that he has shown in just that very short period of time. His music is very, very cool and kinda unique as well. It's not stuff that I can listen to for days at a time, even hours. But if I ever need a musical background to my day-to-days, this stuff would work perfectly. Please head over to his myspace page and support his music with a listen. I'm sure he would greatly appreciate it!

NanKama Music Project's myspace Page

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