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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Video of the Week - Week 71

Time for a history lesson, folks, courtesy of Wikipedia. Now, as you know, all of this week's posts are to be Death Cab for Cutie-related. So while I could just get on here, post a Death Cab video and call it a day, I've decided to take it a step further. If you want a Death Cab video, click HERE. I posted one two weeks ago. Today's video is more about the band's name's origin. So to help explain, I'll quote Wikipedia:

"Death Cab for Cutie" is a song composed by Vivian Stanshall and Neil Innes and performed by Stanshall and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. It was included on their 1967 album Gorilla.

Unlike most comedy/satirical performers, who write songs that parody other well-known songs, the Bonzo band wrote original material that parodied musical styles.

Stanshall intended "Death Cab For Cutie" as a send-up of Elvis Presley, and he performed it as such. Like many early rock songs, most notably "Teen Angel", it tells a story of youthful angst: "Cutie" who goes out on the town against her lover's wishes. "Last night Cutie caught a cab, uhuh-huh..." She is killed when the taxicab she is in runs a red light and crashes. Stanshall, as lead singer, details Cutie's doomed journey to the sound of a honky-tonk piano, while the Bonzo chorus warns: "Baby, don't do it..." Stanshall repeats the refrain in true Presley hip-wriggling style: "Someone's going to make you pay your fare."
The song was later featured in a one-hour TV film starring The Beatles, titles "Magical Mystery Tour," performed by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band themselves. It's a pretty amusing scene, one one that you should probably watch. So do it, I've provided it below. It's this week's Video of the Week.

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