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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moods - Sleepy

That's mood is Sleepy and I can't shake it no matter how hard I try.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm suffering from a very specific kind of mood today. The coffee isn't helping, the 20-30 mph winds outside my window only make me want to settle in under flannel even more, and I'm finding it hard to be at all motivated. There's a voice in my head, the Martha Stewart-esque one that keeps me organized, screaming out the list of things I should be doing, but my body doesn't want to cooperate. Email to return, Yoga to do, forms to fill out, grocery lists to make, passbooks to find, dvd's to rip, a doll quilt to finish, a checkbook to balance...all these things and my eyes just don't want to work. It's cold, it's windy, none of my friends are online to distract me, not even celebrity gossip is enough to keep me entertained (OMG Suri might not be Tom's baby and what? Britney checked into UCLA Med?) and there's my bed, recently slept in and comfortable looking. Three different kinds of flannel sheets (everything is mismatched for maximum flannel softness), super fluffy pillows, and a cat are beckoning me to the glory that is my pillow top Queen sized mattress.

Sleepy, as defined by Websters:

1. ready or inclined to sleep; drowsy.
2. of or showing drowsiness.
3. languid; languorous
4. lethargic; sluggish
5. quiet
6. inducing sleep; soporific

If I go back to bed now can I call it a nap? I guess it doesn't matter, really, nap or going back to bed, here are a few songs that should serve to lull you into wanting a nap too.

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