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Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Writer, New Feature

Remember in last week's "State of the Blog Address" where I said a new feature was coming, but it would be a surprise?


That new feature is called Retro Reviews and will be headed up by a new writer here at Audio Overflow named Erin. Every Sunday, Erin will grace us with her presence to review an album that isn't exactly new. It could be a few months old, or maybe a couple decades old. It could be an album that she heard back in the day, or one that she's just now getting acquainted with.

The whole idea is to take an old album and pair it with a new perspective.

Something that we all thought was cool back in 1995, may not hold up as well today as we thought it might have. So it will be interesting to see what albums live up to the hype they generated years ago, and which ones fall short. This idea's been brewing in my head almost as long as Audio Overflow has been around, but I only recently decided to make it a reality.

From now on, whenever you see this logo...

...a Retro Review ain't far away.

The first one appears tomorrow, so be sure to tune in and see what album Erin chose for her first here at Audio Overflow.


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