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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Future of Audio Overflow

Audio Overflow will cease day-to-day operations on September 1, 2008.

Ahh, that felt good to say. What that means is that the daily posts you've come to -well - read on your way to other, better sites will no longer be coming on a daily basis. To artists and our partners, it means that we will no longer be accepting music for review, myspace music mondays, etc. It means that reaching me by e-mail is going to start being a bit more difficult than it has been in the past. Essentially, this means that Audio Overflow will no longer exist as it now stands.
The reasons for this move is simple, though I'll try to keep things as vague as possible for my own sake. I have been given the opportunity to pursue other things, and I am taking it. These "other things" that I speak of are not music-related, or even internet related, but they will severely hinder my ability to run this blog as I do currently. To date, Audio Overflow has made a total profit of $0.00. Simply put, this blog was never about making money, though I have given it ways to do so. It was always, and still is, simply a way for me to express my thoughts on the music that I enjoy and to share my favorite music with other people. Never would I have thought that in the 2 1/2 years that this blog has been up that it would become as popular as it has. I am extremely grateful to those of you who have visited regularly since this blog's inception, and for the artists, labels, and partners who have supported Audio Overflow over the past year.

Sadly, as I leave this blog behind, I am also leaving behind several goals that I had when I started taking it seriously in late 2006. I really do think that, given a few more years, Audio Overflow would have become more than just a regular ol' music blog with a meager, but respectable readership. I was always up for trying new things, and even brought in a few new writers to help spice things up. I have been anticipating the closure of Audio Overflow for months and thought about adding more writers to continue the site after I left, but without any respectable prospects and no pay to provide, such a task was daunting to say the least.

So the plan as of right now is to cease day-to-day operations on Monday, September 1st. I will continue writing in my spare time, but this blog will no longer be a priority in my life. I will post the occasional review and top 5 list, but things will be getting very quiet 'round these parts. The good news is that I fully intend on posting my Top 31 of 2008 and the 5th Annual Cale Awards (how could I resist) by year's end. Of course, the Cale Awards will probably not be reader-decided as it has been the last two years simply because I doubt there will be many readers left by that point. Should the readership remain at a respectable level, I may reconsider this.

So that is the plan. Thanks for reading Audio Overflow.



Tawriffic said...

Good Luck Champ! I have appreciated the effort you put into your site and wish you well with your new endeavors.

Megan P.I. said...

Oh man, what a bummer! It felt like the blog had recently hit a good stride, and I've had a good time reading it.
Good luck with your other endeavors, and I hope to read more posts when you get the chance.

JD said...

I must say that this news has officially ruined my month of August. I was having such an amazing month and this happens. It has pushed me over the edge. Perhaps even past the point of return. Cale, I hope everything works out for you. I cannot say there is much hope for me know though.

PoliticianRock said...

Sorry to see it ending, but good luck!

Anonymous said...