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Sunday, August 24, 2008

What is Muse's Best Album?

Well, another week has passed and with it another poll. Here's what became of last week's poll question:

Showbiz (0%)
The Origin of Symmetry (11%)
Hullabaloo Soundtrack (0%)
Absolution (22%)
Black Holes and Revelations (66%)

I must say, I'm a bit surprised by the results to this week's poll. I'm one of the few people who voted for Absolution, as I think it is a more technically impressive, well-rounded, and thematically coherent record. The critical consensus has always been in favor of Black Holes and Revelations, but it had too many ups and downs for me to enjoy completely. "Assassin" and "Invincible" are the height of anthem cheese, "Soldier's Poem" is pretty, though a bit silly lyrically, and "Starlight" is Coldplay-lite. As an album, it was all over the place and Absolution felt like a more solidly constructed piece of art.

I'm interested to hear why you voted the way you did. Let me know in the comment section, below.

There's a new poll up right now! Please answer honestly. Also, Skeletal Lamping has may want to check that out.

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