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Monday, August 25, 2008

Perfect Summer Soundtrack - Week 12

Well what do you know? It seems like only yesterday that I birthed this silly summer feature called the "Perfect Summer Soundtrack." But alas the fruit of my loins must emerge from it's nest and soar the autumn skies as a distant, though fond memory.

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

One might argue that I've spent too much time on the road trip this summer. While true in some regards (every album featured has been a particularly great road trip album), I'd like to offer a counter-point in that most memorable summer activities - be they vacations, trips to the beach, the lake, or a water park - involve hopping in the car and taking a drive. Certainly there aren't many who read this blog that would engage in such an activity only to pop in Meshuggah or Mastodon to accompany their trip. Therefore, I've continually tried to offer up what I consider to be great drive-time records, filled with songs that somehow seem better when you're behind the wheel.

This week's playlist is not only the last of this series, but perhaps the last I'll do for Audio Overflow, what with my imminent departure less than a week away. So I wanted to give you all something a bit special, in this case a multiple hour playlist (assuming imeem plays nice with all the 30-second samples) that is meant to be listened to behind the wheel. Is it worth going to your wireless provider, purchasing a laptop connect card, and hooking that laptop up to your car stereo for? Maybe. At the very least, it's worth listening to at your work desk, or at home when you've got nothing better to do. Maybe you'll find something that you've never heard, forgot about, or always liked but never bought. Maybe hearing it on this playlist will make you want to rush out and buy that to add to your own custom road trip playlist. I don't know how you roll. What I do know is, for me, it doesn't get any better than this.

Click HERE to view Weeks 1-11 of this 12-week series.

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