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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Top 40 Songs By Of Montreal (Songs 15-11)

I was told last week that this list seems a bit excessive, that Of Montreal couldn't have more than 60-70 songs.  Well, I have well over 100 in my collection alone.  So narrowing the list down to 40 is not only helpful, but in no way excessive.  Deal with it.

#15:  "Old Familiar Way" from the album, The Gay Parade (1999) - Once again, I'm having fond memories of some of the first Of Montreal songs that I ever heard.  This lead-off track to The Gay Parade deals with being bored with everyday life.  Stuff that used to amaze you now leaves you wanting more, the life you live leave you unfulfilled.  It's the perfect setup to the zany world of The Gay Parade, with a cast of characters so expansive that you loose yourself in it and forget about your world entirely.

#14:  "Nickee Coco and the Invisible Tree" from the album, The Gay Parade (1999) - There's something so intensely magical and unforgettable about this song.  No matter how many times I listen to it, I'm completely captivated by the story of a young girl who climbs up an invisible tree, falls asleep, and disappears.  As the townspeople rally together to locate her whereabouts an owl flies by and spots young Nickee Coco, eventually leading to her discovery by friends and family.  The final chorus is emphatic and celebratory, and it gets me every time.  "We love you Nickee Coco/ We were so sad when we thought we lost you!"  I still get goosebumps.

#13:  "The Miniature Philosopher" from the album, The Gay Parade (1999) - I'm really on quite the Gay Parade kick here aren't I?  Hey, it's an awesome record!  Can you blame me?  This song is one of the more charming tracks from that album, about a tiny philosopher whom nobody takes seriously due to his short stature.  It's a bit sad to hear about his continual failures in philosophy and how he continues his quest to become famous, but then again, who doesn't enjoy hearing about the woes of pompous, precocious philosophers?

#12:  "Voltaic Crusher/Undrum to Muted Da" from the album, Icons, Abstract Thee EP (2007) - While not the longest or most inventive song in the Of Montreal catalogue, Kevin Barnes' depressing and self-depreciating break-up song is definitely one of the catchiest.  The simple line of "You gave me a hand/I gave you a fist/Please don't lose any sleep over me, baby/I hardly exist" has been stuck in my head so many times over the last year, that it's getting to be quite ridiculous.  

#11:  "Good Morning, Mr. Edminton" from the album, Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse (2001) - The lead-off track to Of Montreal's weirdest album to date also happens to be the most enjoyable song to sing along with - definitely in their collection, but maybe ever!  Countless hours I have wasted singing "Tip toe down the spiral stairs and just before the cellar door you'll see a picture of a juggler.  Touch his nose and that will open up the secret corridor.  Take the ladder at the end up to the street and run as fast as you can!"  Grab a friend and make them sing harmony.  Trust me.  It doesn't get any better than this.

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