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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Here are the results of this week's poll:

Awesome. One of my favorite artists. (7%)

A guilty pleasure. Fun to dance to. (21%)

Fun to look at, but I try not to listen. (28%)

Who? (42%)
So as was the case last week, I'm not too terribly surprised by these results. I asked the question because the media is leading me to believe that she's this giant megastar that everyon adores. While that may be true for the general non-thinking crowd, I wanted to know if my readers were into that shite as well. As it turns out, most of you either don't know who she is or wished that you didn't. Again, no real surprises, but I needed to be sure that this blog's audience was exactly what I thought it was.

Discuss the poll results below. How did you vote?

A new poll is up right now!

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