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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Have you ever purchased an album based solely on an Audio Overflow review?

This week's poll has closed. Let's view the results, shall we?

Yes! Yes! Yes! (50%)
No! No! No! (50%)

As things start to wrap up here at Audio Overflow, I've become increasingly curious as to how helpful I've been as a writer. My ratings put me at about a 71% helpful rating, which I can live with. But this blog gets way less hits per day (a few hundred, generally), and most of those are from non-regulars. According to the weekly polls, my regulars are only about 10-15 people. Ouch. Anyhow, I'm interested to know how you regulars voted. Do you remember a specific album that I reviewed that led you to purchase it? Did the inclusion of the word "solely" in the poll question affect your voting? Let me know for old times' sake.

Due to - umm - circumstances, there won't be another poll this week or, you know, ever probably. Things will conclude tomorrow with a few last-minute posts.

Until then...


Zac said...
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Zac said...

i have. i pretty much buy any album you tell me i should.