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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Top 31 of 2007 - #18

Cale's Pick
Metric: Grow Up and Blow Away
Released: June 26, 2007

One could make the argument that Grow Up and Blow Away does not belong on a Best of 2007 list for the simple fact that it was made the better part of a decade ago. Of course, I could make the argument that that person is an idiot for thinking that (and I'd be right). The fact is that even though Grow Up and Blow Away was meant to be released when I was still in high school, it didn't ever get a formal release until 2007. It's a shame too, because this is a fantastic album. Emily Haines doesn't portray herself as a rough, opinionated figure of femininity as she does nowadays. She sounds girlish and innocent, and you can tell that she has yet to mature into the strong female that she would later become. Grow Up and Blow Away features Metric as a two-piece too, so there's no resemblance to the four-piece new wave rock band they've grown into; sounding more like a pop act than anything else. In the end, it's just a fun, satisfying album that doesn't try to make a statement or be overly complex. It's a couple of kids playing around with synths and drum machines, stumbling upon greatness in the process. And it's all the more magical because of it.

It may be old, but it's still deserving of the #18 spot on my list.

The Top 31 Songs of 2007 - #18
"Hold Music" by Architecture in Helsinki, from the album, Places Like This.


Jill's Pick
Jill Scott: The Real Thing - Words and Sounds Vol. 3
Released: September 25, 2007

I am a HUGE Jill Scott fan. HUGE. She has this philosophy about music that I apply to pretty much everything (try to at least): Who cares what kind of music you make as long as you make it and it's around to be heard?

(HUGE Jill Scott fan) (So much so she's on my list twice)

I think the word ironic works for this album: it's a reflection of a breaking up relationship and watching someone you love move on to someone else but at the same time, it's a like a D'Angelo hook up album. It's sexy, it's soulful, it's...dirty. Well, except for that one song "Hate On Me", which is dedicated to an online forum she found of people who dislike her.

It's a short (weak, maybe) review, but that isn't because I don't like the album. I just don't have the right words for how this album works for me: Jill Scott's powerful sense of self just rubs off on me.

My favorite track: "Whenever You're Around"

Songs you should give a listen to:
--"Hate On Me"
--"Whenever You're Around"

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