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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Top 31 of 2007 - #26

Cale's Pick
The Aliens: Astronomy for Dogs
Released: June 19, 2007

It went under the radar, though I'm not sure why. With as much attention and hype that The Beta Band got back in the day, you would think that what is essentially the reincarnation of the band, The Aliens, would get the same amount of hype. But here we are, six months after the album released and no one's talking about it yet. That's too bad too, because contained on Astronomy for Dogs is a collection of songs written in the vein of 60s and 70s pop rock. They're so faithfully performed by the band, that if it weren't for the superior audio fidelity, you'd swear you were listening to an album that was made from the time period. And it's not just a certain sound either. The Aliens are all over the place, sounding like The Rolling Stones on one song and then going off on a Bee Gees-influenced disco song just a few tracks later! There's not a dull moment on the album, despite the fact that the lyrics are far from desirable (some songs even contain the same lyrics, but not in that cool Sigur Ros type way). In the end, Astronomy for Dogs winds up being a fun album, with no intentions of being anything more. It's not Album of the Year material, but for supplemental music, you'd be hard-pressed to find something better.

For making me wish I lived in a different decade, The Aliens abduct the #26 spot on my list (I really need to stop with these corny lines....).

The Top 31 Songs of 2007 - #26
"Follow Through" by ContraNova, from the album, Infinity in all Directions.
Jill's Pick
Stars: In Our Bedroom After the War
Released: September 25, 2007

Number of tracks: 13. 12 if you go with my play list. (See below)

The opening track, The Beginning After the End, makes me feel like I'm about to plunge head long into a pool of crystal blue water and tinges that with just a tiny little bit of sadness. I like that feeling.

They're all like cozy little break up songs that make you feel better about heartache. It kind of goes back and forth between spectacular and downhill from there. I keep listening to it to give it a chance and parts of it win me over.

The track note above: Barricade is one of the most unlistenable songs ever. So much so I took it out of the play list, shaping In Our Bedroom After the War into more of an album I can like.

Oddly enough, as I write this, I only have criticisms: Torquil Campbell does a really horrid Morrissey impression and I'd be okay if he wasn't on the album at all. He'd always been Amy Milan's equal but now it seems she's got far more talent than he does. If they took the best halves of this album and Your Ex Lover is Dead, they'd have a super album.

The one saving grace on this album: "Take Me to the Riot"

My favorite tracks:
--"The Beginning After The End"
--"Take Me to the Riot"

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jill said...

I have that Aliens album. I should give it a listen!