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Monday, December 03, 2007

The Top 31 of 2007 - #29

Cale's Pick
Cocorosie: The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn
Released: April 10, 2007

There are a lot of things that I enjoy. Ice cream sandwiches, video games, basketball, camping, you know...the usual assortment. One thing that I absolutely do not enjoy though, is Cocorosie's album Noah's Ark. So when a friend stops by in March of this year asking "Have you ever heard of Cocorosie?" My response was a reluctant sigh, followed by a "...yeah." As he went on to rave about how cool they sounded, I began to wonder whether or not we wee talking about the same Cocorosie. Then he showed me "Werewolf" from The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, and (surprise, surprise) this wasn't the same Cocorosie. This was a Cocorosie with direction, with passion and creativity. It's a far cry from Noah's Ark (their only other album of which I am familiar of), and I am absolutely astounded by how amazingly complex it is. About a month later, my friend expressed his concern over the fact that the "coolness" of Ghosthorse and Stillborn had worn off. But as far as I'm concerned, it's just as beautiful and quirky as ever and it still get regular plays in the ol' iPod. That's something I never would've expected.

For proving me wrong and letting me be okay with that, Cocorosie creeps into the #29 spot.

The Top 31 Songs of 2007 - #29
Iron and Wine - "Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car"

Jill's Pick
Chromeo: Fancy Footwork
Released: June 19, 2007

The first time I heard Fancy Footwork, all I could think was, "It's the revival of disco!" But then I thought disco was a little too strong of a genre (maybe, maybe not) and decided it was just a really cool album that made me giggly happy. I reserve it for those times I need a pick me up. And usually, you'll find me, um, you know, chair dancing.

I love that Chromeo, unlike most men (kidding!), are straight forward simple. There's cleverness in their attempts to not be clever; what you see is what you get. (Example: My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar) )

It's just whimsical fun! (Exclamation point added because well, Chromeo seems like an exclamation added type group!)

The best Track: 100%

The tracks you should listen to at least once:
--My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar)

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