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Monday, April 07, 2008

myspace music monday: My Reminiscence With A Stranger

I've been kind of spoiled over the last month or so. Whereas I normally spend my Mondays scouring myspace music for a hint of something listenable, I've actually had artists or labels sending me stuff to go to and most of it has been good enough to feature. This week though, the well has gone dry and I was forced once again to brave the harsh myspace music world alone. I think I did pretty well for myself.

My Reminiscence With a Stranger

Genres: Indie/Electronica/Experimental
Location: Larnaca, Cyprus
Band Members: Denis Novojilov

The Short of It: Somewhere between elevator music and Jimmy Tamborello-esque glitch.

"Raindrop Voices" - The song proper, which is a very mellow composition that is complemented by some very cool glitch drumming, ends at about the 4-minute mark. After that, there's an additional 4 minutes of raindrops and whispery pad synths that is at once compelling and soothing. It's really a very well-done song despite the fact that its length and second half could be deemed unnecessary by some.

"Adult Conversations" - This song can get a bit repetitive, but thankfully it's entrancing enough to where I don't mind it. Denis uses the piano, and later a guitar, in pretty unconventional ways and even manages to squeeze in some vocals here and there. They're not the sharpest, which makes me glad that his stuff is mostly instrumental. Towards the end, there's a very neat snare-heavy drum line that is made all the better by heavily distorted, harmonizing guitars. This is probably the most-solid of his three songs.

"Love in Marlboro Country" - This, I believe, was the first real song that Denis did under this name. It shows all the signs of a first work. You can tell that a lot of labor went into it to get it to sound exactly right. It is the least repetitive of the three songs, and it's constantly evolving into something greater. He does a little bit of singing again, but not too much. Overall, it's a really good song that is very chill, relaxing, and inspiring.

The Long of It: I really enjoy this music in small doses. I can picture listening to it on the drive home from work, or using it as a soundtrack to the winding down of my day. It's not something that I could picture buying a whole album of and listening to for 60 minutes at a time, but I really do enjoy what I've heard to some extent. I totally recommend it for people who need to unwind or relax, especially if you have one of those nifty little water fountains running in the background. Sadly, if you're looking to rock out with your Charlie Browns out, you may need to apply elsewhere.

My Reminiscence With A Stranger's myspace Page

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