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Monday, April 21, 2008

myspace music monday: Past Artists Update

So occasionally I like to go back and revisit some of the artists that I've profiled on myspace music monday, just to check in and see how things are going. Maybe you're interested too. Maybe you're not. Maybe you feel like the person who recently told me, "You know, I read everything on Audio Overflow...but I just don't care about that myspace thing." But all that's irrelevant, because I'm posting it anyways. So onward!

Hanne Kolstö
Unfortunately, finding new music for Hanne is difficult because most of her work is done with other bands and groups. I did manage to uncover the fact that she filmed a video with the band, Post, for their song, "Slow Song." It's a good song, so it's good to see that they've managed to film a video for it. What's more, from the images on Hanne's page, the video looks to be rather awesome! I can't help but think of that scene from "The Descent" where the main character [spoiler]bursts through the ground and makes a run for it [/spoiler]when seeing the second picture here. Lookie!

Sadly, I can't find said video anywhere on the interwebz. Hopefully, a diligent reader will pick up the slack on that one.

The Sailor Sequence
The Sailor Sequence has had some pretty cool stuff happen recently; namely being featured on One Tree Hill. According to their blog, the episode aired last week and featured a poster of them in a record store. Nothing too exciting, but the band designed it themselves, specifically for that show. Cool beans.

They also managed to add a new song called, "ATC Remix" which I would assume is a remix of "Around the Corner," an already-stellar song.

The band will be playing a few dates in Kansas soon. So if you're in the area, be sure to check them out.

The Cyanide Valentine
There's not a whole lot of new stuff to report on here. The band will be playing a handful of shows in New England (Maine, Massachusetts, and New York) in May, and judging from their studio recordings alone, I'd say they'd be an awesome live band! Also, the band was kind enough to give Audio Overflow a shout out on their myspace blog, and official blog. Looking at my analytics report, that resulted in about 4 new visitors! Sweet action!

Bicycles and Gravel
The band has added two new songs to their page since I profiled them back in January. The first one is called "Trees and Fruit" and is pretty...cute. This song totally reminds me of The Boy Least Likely to or I'm From Barcelona (two great bands). There's a drum loop that seems a bit out of place, despite the fact that it sounds cool. Overall though, it's a very charming song that I recommend to fans of either of the two above-mentioned bands.

The other new song is a live recording of "Best Dressed." There's a voice at the beginning of the recording that sounds exactly like me, which freaks me out. Thankfully the rest of the song doesn't, because its mostly awful. That's all. You can hear for yourself at either of their two upcoming shows.

The Eastern Sea
Things are going well for my old friend, Matt Hines. He's got a couple new bandmates and is working on an EP to release to the world. Keeping that in mind, he's decided to upload all new songs to his myspace page. All of them are clearly labeled "Preproduction," but that doesn't stop them from being good. In the interest of time (and taking into consideration that you probably stopped reading this post after seeing Hanne Kolstö's pokey nipples), I won't write about each one of them. I will, however, point out that these songs show Matt taking his music to an entirely different level. "The Sea" showcases this point particularly well. You can't miss it! Now I just have to find a way to score some copies for review or contests. We'll see how that goes.

They say that people remember what you write first and last more than what you put in the middle. That's why I started this post and ended it with Teacups. It's no secret that this band totally rocks my world, and while they haven't added any new songs since I profiled their site back in November (!), they have added a few things to get me excited. Like this:

Ok, you probably can't read that. I'll help.

dear friendlies, ('specially felix)

we are currently working on our debut E.P. We want it to be delicious so it's taking a tad longer than expected (honest, we checked the middle with a knitting needle and found it's still not quite cooked all the way through).

Anyway, once it's done just say the word and we'll have liz deliver it right to your door along with a kiss on the cheek (thats her job in the band).

Teacups xo

That's good news right? Well if that wasn't enough, they also left us with a short clip of them opening for Jose Gonzalez. It's short, but it's nice.

Other than that, hell, I guess we're finished for the day. Thanks for reading, and please send any myspace bands that you'd like to see profiled in to me. I always love hearing new music...except the bad stuff. Keep that to yourself!

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