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Monday, April 28, 2008

myspace music monday: Snow Friends

So apparently I'm in this band with this guy who has something to do with this band called "Snow Friends." What better way for me to weigh in?

Snow Friends

Location: Houston, TX
Genres: Pop/Indie
Sounds Like: A Party?

The Short of It: Not bad for a couple of guys playing around...but kinda bad.

"Everything" - Question: what do you do if have a vocoder and a copy of Zero 9 - Pro Samples: Future Beats 1 (from Chemical Beats)? Well, you make this song, exploiting those two things the best you can. The thick, heavy synth and unrelenting drums give off a very Joy Electric vibe to me, and I totally adore the sound. But past that, what you have are some lame lyrics and annoying vocal performances (enhanced by the vocoder, but would be downright intolerable without it).

"The Night Never Ends" - The best song on the page, by far. The verse synths are amazing, while the chorus synths are a bit more obtrusive. The lyrics are cut from the same, "Baby, I want you" pie as the first song, but this one has a much stronger groove and more solid vocal melody throughout. There's this odd, out of place breakdown in the middle of the song (where else, right?) that just doesn't blend well with the rest of the song and that dissonance is heightened by the terrible "explosion" sample that brings it back into the song proper.

"Make it Snow" - Clearly the first song that these guys made, and totally hilarious. This short, Justin Timberlake-lite song is filled with such lyrical gems as,"My name is the only thing that I'ma let you scream all night / and then when I am done with you, you won't be able to sit right." Of course, that pales in comparison to hearing one of the guys say, "My ear pussy just got raped," after the song concludes. Of course, the guys are still using the vocoder, even when unnecessary (like when talking). But if ever there was a way to be completely charming while also being ridiculously crude, this song would be it.

The Long of It: Keeping in mind that the majority of Snow Friends' music is completely ridonkulous and probably not meant to be taken seriously, it ain't all bad. As long as you don't expect greatness from two guys with a vocoder, synthesizer, and drum machine (we can't all be The Postal Service, right?), you should find their music to be an interesting little diversion from your "case of the Mondays." Listen to it. Smile. Forget about it. Maybe not the most conventional choice for myspace music monday, but I could certainly do worse.

Snow Friends' myspace Page

So if you know of a myspace artist that should totally be featured on Audio Overflow, leave a comment below. I'd totally appreciate it.

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