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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Recommendations (4/26/08)

Cale's Recommendations

Loney, Dear: Loney, Noir
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Loney, Dear's 2007 North American debut is just as innocently affecting today as it was back then. These songs are timeless works of art, filled with his self-doubt, desperate longings, and honest confessions. I know that a lot of people never really got around to listening to this one, so I'm reminding you and encouraging you to seriously check it out. I still listen to it on a regular basis, after more than a year of solid play. For realsies.

The Cyanide Valentine: The Three Sides of the Cyanide Valentine
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Cursive: Happy Hollow
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Erin's Recommedations

Dream Theater: Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
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A strange album choice for a female, I know, but really, it’s pretty interesting. It falls under the genre of “progressive metal”. While not too familiar with the genre, I can tell you that Dream Theater sounds a lot like a mix of Rush and Journey, to me. The vocals are very similar to that of Steve Perry, so if you’re not a fan, I’m not sure how you’d feel about Dream Theater’s vocals. While this is certainly not my favorite album or band, I think they are immensely talented at each one of their crafts. The musicianship is some of the best ever and definitely worth the time it takes to listen to!

Alanis Morisette: Jagged Little Pill
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Frank Sinatra: Classic Sinatra: His Greatest Performances (1953-1960)
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Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE metropolis pt. 1...You failed to mention that the album IS a rock opera. Although the album can be enjoyed on a track by track basis, pulling out the lyrics and noticing the different manners that LaBrie sings are different characters in the play add to whole album. I'd suggest listening to the Dream Theatre album straight through and experiencing it that way.

Erin said...

Pretty much I typed out a really long response to this comment, but hadn't signed in yet, so it all got deleted. The short of it is, yes, I did know that. I had the privilege of seeing them in concert while they were on tour for this album. It was pretty cool, as they had a screen as part of their set, which was used to show different characters and the story. Even now when I listen to it, I have those visuals with me. As for your suggestion, I have done it that way as well. However, being that Cale only wants a few sentences for only 1 of our recommendations, and I chose that one, I didn't want to go into as much detail as I would on a review which is why I left out those kinds of details. Thanks for your comments and for reading. Kudos to you for liking Dream Theater.