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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reviews - 100 Words or Less

While writing one review a week may seem like an easy feat, the fact of the matter is that it can sometimes get a little tough. Sometimes I want to review an album, but other albums take priority. Other times, the album is just so average that it's hard for me to devote any amount of time to it - especially when there's something better waiting in the wings. What follows are a couple of mini-reviews that are past-due. If you've been waiting in eager anticipation, fret no more. The time has come!


Del the Funky Homosapien: Eleventh Hour - To me, Del is one of the most skilled rappers of all time. While other rappers are worried about image and style, Del is rapping about video games or personal hygiene. His latest album, unfortunately doesn’t live up to expectations. There is still great emphasis place on humor and unconventional topics, but these rhymes are nothing extraordinary and the beats, while quality, aren’t interacted with. It just sounds like two tracks, each without regard for the other. Del can definitely do better, but this late into his career, I have doubts about whether he’ll ever get another chance to impress.

Key Tracks:
1. "Raw Sewage"
2. "Slam Dunk"
3. "Foot Down"
4. "Str8t Up and Down"

5 out of 10 Stars
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Destroyer: Trouble in Dreams - Dan Bejar’s latest album as “Destroyer” is one of his most peculiar, which for him is actually more familiar than anything else. It starts off strong with the eloquence of “Blue Flower/Blue Flame” and the energy of “Dark Leaves from a Thread” but eventually wears thin with songs that go on for much too long, and are often quite repetitive. Bejar’s unique style may not bode well for first time listeners, but long time fans will undoubtedly find a lot to enjoy here. It’s talent is inarguable. It’s longevity...well.

Key Tracks:
1. "Blue Flower/Blue Flame"
2. "Dark Leaves from a Thread"
3. "The State"
4. "Introducing Angels"
5. "Plaza Trinidad"

6 out of 10 Stars
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The Dodos: Visiter - This review never came around simply because by the time I finally heard it, it had already been out for weeks. This is my first time hearing The Dodos, and I’m really impressed. Their music is some strange mix between Animal Collective and Belle and Sebastian, and the end result is actually fairly entertaining. The fact that it’s just two guys making music as deep and enjoyable as this completely blows my mind. There are a few duds on this album, but for the most part Visiter is one of the most uniquely impressive indie rock albums of 2008.

Key Tracks:
1. "Walking"
2. "Red and Purple"
3. "Paint the Rust"
4. "Jodi"
5. "Ashley"

7 out of 10 Stars
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The Duke Spirit: Neptune - I was first made aware of The Duke Spirit when an email rolled through my inbox, alerting me to their new album, Neptune. I took a listen to the mp3 that was provided and got pretty excited. However, after listening to this album, and I can pretty much say that there’s not a whole lot that this band has going for them. Somewhere between U2 and powerpop, Neptune just screams of unoriginality and repetitiveness. The only thing that is really welcomed on the album is its ending. Everything else is some of the most boringly upbeat music I’ve heard.

Key Tracks:
1. "Into the Fold"
2. "This Ship Was Built to Last"
3. "Neptune's Call"

4 out of 10 Stars
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I'll have a freshly written "normal" review ready for your prying eyes next Tuesday. Until then, check out the key tracks to these albums and see if there's anything that catches your interest. Then let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Word. Thanks for reading.

Does anyone else think its weird that all of these artists start with the letter "D"? Crazy.

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