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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Moods - Impatient

"Why are you tapping?"
I think I've heard that question about 9 million times in my lifetime, mostly because tapping indicates I'm severely irritated and on the verge of being very angry. Pens. I like to tap pens, especially when I'm on the phone. Anyone who knows me well knows this.

I have another version of tapping, though, one where my feet never stop moving. Or I clap my hands together in a fast paced silent kind of way. I am known for my infinite patience, but sometimes, when the mood strikes, I can be the most impatient person ever. I like lines. I like traffic. I like waiting, in general. There's something peaceful to it. It's sort of a down time between events and sometimes I need that down time.

I am, currently, the most impatient person ever. I'm waiting on a bank transfer, I'm waiting on Fed-Ex, I'm waiting to see someone I very much want/need to see, I'm waiting for it to be warmer, I'm waiting for my beloved desktop to come back so I can use Vista instead of XP, I'm waiting for bed, I'm just...waiting. And. Waiting. Makes. Me. Want. To. Type. Like. This. I do not like being impatient. It isn't a good color on me.

Conversation, while trying to write this, with a person that is as impatient as I am: (and greatly enough, impatient because of me.)

"OMG. How do you do the impatient thing?"
"I throw things."
"I can't throw things. I have terrible aim."
"I've already replaced a phone because of you."
"And the other day I hurt my foot and nearly broke the Treo."
"How did you hurt your foot?"
"I threw the Treo and it hit my foot."
"Why did you throw the Treo?"
"You weren't listening."

Impatient, as defined by Websters:

1. not patient; not accepting delay, opposition, pain, etc., with calm or patience.
2. indicating lack of patience
3. restless in desire or expectation
4. impatient of, intolerant of

Impatient, as defined by me:


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H-Town Music Blog said...

i see you recommend sia's new album.. i love it! i can't wait to see her at warehouse live on march 12.