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Monday, February 18, 2008

myspace music monday: The Sailor Sequence

Why hello there. How are you doing today? Me? Oh I'm fine. Thanks for asking. It's Monday, so that means it's time for yet another myspace artist. Who do we have today? Hmmm....

The Sailor Sequence

Today's band comes to us from Olathe, Kansas, as if you know where that is. The Sailor Sequence (not The Helio Sequence, apparently) have a very solid, straightforward adult alternative/soft pop sound. As much as I hate to say it, the genre of music I equate it most with is contemporary Christian. But don't stop reading there! This group of guys are loaded with an immense amount of talent that goes far beyond my mediocre genre-placement exercise. To put it bluntly, if you were to skip out on listening to The Sailor Sequence, you really would be missing out.

The first song on the band's myspace page is entitled "Why Would You Bring," and features some very cool electronic programming and gentle guitar plucks. It's an instrumental, so don't expect some inescapably cool vocal melody to pop in, it never happens. What does happen, quite unexpectedly I might add, is a loud, thudding synth line that sounds entirely out of place. When I first heard it come in, I literally thought that something was wrong with my computer's speakers. It's unfortunate, because the rest of the song has a very mellow Dntel-ish vibe going on that is completely ruined by the time this part of the song comes along. Still, it's a good introduction to the band.

"Find Yourself" finds lead singer, Dave, noting, "When there's nothing left to hide behind, that's where you'll find yourself," in the chorus which is another brilliantly produced piece of music . By now the Contemporary Christian influence is at full force, so much so that I found myself combing through the lyrics to find something that was blatantly religious. While the song is definitely inspirational, it's ambiguous in it's religiosity. Again, the song is very calming and relaxing and the band fully displays their talent here. "Light From the Window" keeps the same style as its predecessor, adding in some uptempo, glitchy drum synths, light guitars, and perky bells to accentuate the near-flawless vocals. The song's coda adds layers upon layers of instrumentation, building quickly and forcefully before collapsing just in time for Dave to gently sing, "The curtains pull back and there is no sound." It is quite the beautiful ending.

"Around the Corner" is another instrumental track, this time being lead by an acoustic guitar and a less glitchy, more traditional electronic drum beat. Unlike the instrumental song that precedes it, however, this one is chill throughout and the guys do a good job of not overdoing too much of anything. It is approached gently, and it sounds fantastic! The page's last track is called "Anchor" and at this point I'm completely convinced that these guys have at least a tiny bit of affiliation with Christianity, or Contemporary Christian music. It's an inescapable comparison and if they aren't, they should really consider it. They are way better than a lot of the stuff that's out there.

I'm actually pretty impressed. Though I'm not the hugest fan of the genre with which I have (perhaps unfairly) assigned The Sailor Sequence to, I haven't really heard anything that I'm completely turned off by. And even if I was, these guys still have too much talent to care. If you're into calming, atmospheric pop music, I think you should check out The Sailor Sequence. You could definitely do worse.

The Sailor Sequence's myspace Page
YouTube Page w/ a few live performances

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