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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Moods - Sickly

I said to Cale the other day via email "I would really like to take a bottle brush to my throat and scratch it. Horrid graphic, I know, but I want every one to know how miserable I am."

Itchy, raw, even poor throat. All I wanted to do was scratch that itch.

I'm not sure he really wanted or needed that graphic. I'm not sure that anyone that got an email from me that day really needed that graphic, but I shared it because I could. I shared it because I was downright miserable for days with a sore throat. In fact, it wasn't until yesterday that I regained any sort of voice and when I do speak, my voice fades quickly.

I have to be able to talk. I'm the "talky" type. It's in my blood to yap. Stupid sore throat.

Here's what I don't get about "flu season": you're sick. Your kids are sick. Your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandma, great aunt Jane are all sick. Why do you still insist on carting them around creation where they drop their used Kleenex, sneeze without covering their noses, and cough while trying to speak, polluting the non-"flu season" air with their disease? There honestly isn't enough hand sanitizer in the world that's going to keep your illness at bay, yet there you are, willingly spreading it as you go to the movies, the post office, the grocery store, or just...anywhere. And why -- why -- do you always have to say "Oh, I'm over it, you won't catch it?" when we all know you aren't over it and you've given it to about 45 people before me. I mean, are you so miserable you have to make everyone else miserable with you? Do you like watching people suffer? Is this your revenge for being picked last in grade school Dodge Ball?

Clearly, being ill makes me a little cranky too. But really, I stayed home sick, why couldn't everyone else?

So in honor of my disease, whatever it may be, a play list of songs about the various ailments that one can find themselves victim to. Of. Songs about drugs, seizures, heart attacks, and the desire to just be sedated until it all passes...I only wish I felt less sickly to enjoy it as much as I'm sure some of you will.

Sickly, as defined by Websters:

1. not strong; unhealthy; ailing.
2. of, connected with, or arising from ill health
3. marked by the prevalence of ill health, as a region
4. causing sickness.
5. nauseating.
6. maudlin and insipid; mawkish
7. faint or feeble, as light or color.

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