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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Rock Band DLC Wishlist

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I’m a huge video game nerd and that I have this thing for a little music game called Rock Band.  For those of you who just awoke from a coma, Rock Band is a video game that uses peripherals that mimic the motions of real instruments.  You can sing and play guitar, bass guitar, and drums...kinda.  Hell, you all know what Rock Band is, and if you don’t, just read my lengthy review of it.  Anyhow, one of Rock Band’s cooler features is its downloadable content (DLC); essentially songs that you can download and add to your game.  More often than not, these come in the form of Track Packs, organized by artist.  With that said, let’s get on with it.  The following list is My Rock Band DLC Wishlist.

5:  Band of Horses Pack - Band of Horses are a real rock band.  They don’t play around on their instruments.  They know what they are doing.  However, they’re not going to go off on a 10 minute Dragonforce solo either.  Their music is typically balanced, with equal importance placed on vocals, guitars, and drums.  That’s why I feel like they’d be a perfect fit for Rock Band.  That, and I totally love singing along to this stuff!

Songs Included:

“The General Specific”

“The Funeral”

“Cigarettes, Wedding Bands”

4:  Franz Ferdinand Pack - Admittedly, my fondness of Franz Ferdinand has wavered over the years.  Back in 2004, there was hardly a time when I didn’t have their debut album playing.  But things change, and albums wear out.  Still, that doesn’t mean that I’ll keep them off my list.  Quite simply, Franz has put out some of the most inescapable jams of the last decade.  It’s a shame they’re not already in the game.  Here’s how I’d alleviate that:

Songs Included:

“Take Me Out”

“This Fire”

“Do You Want To?”

3:  Rilo Kiley Pack - It’s no secret that I completely despise Rilo Kiley’s attempt at trying to be Fleetwood Mac.  “Under the Blacklight” is laughably bad, and for all of you reading who were introduced to the band through that album, I apologize on their behalf.  They didn’t mean it.  Believe it or not, if you go back and listen to their earlier albums, there’s quite a collection of indie rock jams.  Nothing too rockin’ and always with a little bit of country, but unabashedly fun tunes nonetheless.  Here are the songs I’d pick to go on such a track pack.

Songs Included:

“Portions for Foxes”

“Science vs. Romance”

“Paint’s Peeling”

2:  Cursive Pack - I am completely unashamed of my girly obsession with Tim Kasher and the guys of Cursive.  It’s indie and emo, but not so emo that you go running for the scissors.  Unlike most emo bands, however, Cursive has talent.  Kasher presents his vocals with such earnestness, such force that your head has no choice but to bang, your hand no choice but to ball into a fist and be thrown into the air repeatedly.  The rest of the band ain’t so bad either.  All Rock Band needs is a cello or brass peripheral.  But then I’d never leave the house.

Songs Included:

“Dorothy at Forty”

“Art is Hard”

“Driftwood: A Fairy Tale”

1:  Muse Pack - I highly doubt that there’s a band out there more suited for Rock Band than Muse.  Their music never fails to disappoint, and they are doubtlessly the most “rockin’” band on this list.  The most difficult thing about putting Muse on the game is deciding which of their countlessly impressive songs should make the cut.  “Knights of Cydonia” is out because it’s already on Guitar Hero III and the vocals are kind of “meh.”  Fortunately, I’ve devised a list so awesomely sinister that the folks at Harmonix can’t help but oblige.  Bwahahaha!

Songs Included:

“Time Is Running Out”

“City of Delusion”

“Citizen Erased”

Oh, and in case you were wondering what all this nonsense sounded like, enjoy this nice little playlist to start off your weekend.  Fellow nerds, I’m wondering.  What songs would you add to Rock Band?


Anonymous said...

You know. I feel like "Time is Running Out" was made for Rock Band. Frankly, I'm surprised it's not on there. It's only a matter of time.

Megan P.I. said...

I think I could actually get my boyfriend to play if a Muse pack was released.

I could go for some Ted Leo too. Oh man, I'd love to play drums on Timorous Me, or the tambourine on Ballad of the Sin-Eater.

As much as I love me some Rilo Kiley, I'm not sure how much I'd dig them on Rock Band, though it would be fun to be obnoxiously loud while singing I Never

Cale said...

He doesn't play Rock Band? Dump him!

I could go for some Flaming Lips too. How awesome would that be?

I decided to put Rilo Kiley on there when I was driving the other day singing "Science vs. Romance" at the top of my lungs. Then I realized that the rest of the song is would be pretty fun to play on other instruments. They seem like an odd fit at first, but then again, Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld are on there too.

kmoe said...

incubus - sick sad little world

death from above 1979 - romantic rights

brand new - sic transit gloria...glory fades

and more radiohead, of course.

Cale said...

I was so close to putting DFA1979 up there. You have no idea. And there are already 2 Radiohead songs on there, so that's why I left them out. Though I'd love to fake rock out to "Paranoid Android" or "The Bends" mmmm.

Clinton said...

Holy crap man! I am totally with you on the band of horses stuff and Cursive... would be amazing. I was also thinking the black keys or the Avett Brothers would be good. Anyone agree?